Food Review: River Oaks Donuts

Is it just me or are people just making up fucking holidays? #nationalbestfriendsday   #nationalcatday  #nationalhillbillyday #nationalgingersnapday   #nationalwhogivesafuckday  Most of them I could care less about. But on June 5th a day came that I sat in wait for…..#nationaldonutday Hells freaking yeah! I took to the internet trying to find Houston’s best donuts. Though I got a lot of hits, my travel schedule that day worked out that I would be down the street from River Oaks Donuts.


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As it’s name eludes River Oaks Donuts is nestled in River Oaks. Dude……make a wrong turn in this area and you might end up at Scarlett O’Hara’s house. The houses are amazingly gorgeous which is fitting because at River Oaks Donuts the donuts are fucking gorgeous. I stood in the small shop, which has no tables or chairs, staring at rows and rows of beautiful round pastries. I ordered a dozen donuts and two cronuts. OMG! Yall, these donuts were an orgasm in my mouth. They were so pretty, I almost did not want to eat them…..but I sure as hell did.

11336008_10153477695982323_549566159_o 11414991_10153477695942323_488425456_o

First off the cereal donut……I originally got this one donut for my husband……Unfortunately he only got one real bit out of this one. I ated it………….yes ated…….It was amazing. The cereal was just a tad bit stale, but not stale enough that it ruined the donut. The sweetness of the toppings is balanced by the dough. The dough is a light sweetness that had a small hint of vanilla.

11420052_10153477695792323_644214356_n 11422959_10153477695852323_1716435455_o

If you have ever been to New York you may have heard of the legendary Cronut. Well River Oaks offers it’s own take on the Cronut. I cannot for the life of me remember what they called it, but it was like Cronut, but maybe Crownut…I don’t remember. My bad. Anyway this shit was amazing….it was flaky with tons of pockets of holes consistent with a well made croissant  just the right amount of glaze and sweetness.  If you like croissants you will fucking love this thing.

11423850_10153477696107323_1338253903_o 11429492_10153477696037323_57403508_o

Not only are their donuts amazingly gorgeous, their presentation is lovely and everything I tried was amazing. Although, I haven’t been able to try out everything they offer. Looking over their online menu I look forward to going back soon! Maybe tomorrow…… Find out more about River Oaks Donuts Here


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